P2 Mask | Earloop

The Only Australian Made P2 Black Mask, AMD NANO-TECH Medical Respirator T4 P2 Floating Mask

AMD NANO-TECH P2 Particulate Respirator Masks | Earloop BLACK (Box of 50)

Looking for white AMD masks? Available here now. Same day dispatch for all


P2 Mask | Earloop

The AMD NANO-TECH Medical Respirator T4 P2 Floating Mask In White

AMD NANO-TECH P2 Particulate Respirator Masks | Earloop (Box of 50)

Looking for black AMD masks? Available here now. Same day dispatch for all


Looking For Black P2 Masks?

Our black P2 masks are here. Introducing the AMD NANO-TECH T4 P2 earloop – now in black.

Despite the easing of restrictions in Australia, the impact of the pandemic is undeniable. Cases remain in the tens of thousands, and as people return to the office and resume usual recreational activities, the chance of contracting COVID still remains high – especially as we approach winter. In order to keep you and your loved ones safe, it is imperative to protect yourself with the right type of mask.

From surgical, cloth, N95 masks and P2 masks, we’ve seen a multitude of options hit the market since the pandemic started. But which ones actually protect you against the virus? (Still unsure about the difference between N95 masks and P2 masks, read more here.

The Only Australian Made P2 Black Mask, AMD NANO-TECH Medical Respirator T4 P2 Black Worn By Caucasian Male On Distressed Concrete Background
The AMD NANO-TECH T4 P2 Earloop | Black

It may be tempting to prioritise looks over functionality, but when you compare the 60% protection fabric masks offer against the 99.6% PFE (particle filtration efficiency) our AMD P2 masks offer, the choice should be clear. The benefit of using AMD P2 masks far outweigh fabric alternatives.

With our black P2 masks, however, you can finally opt for something rather than white when choosing the best respirator for you and your family. You can also be reassured that these are all Australian P2 masks, made locally in Sydney. 

Our black AMD P2 masks offer exactly the same protection as our standard white respirators, just in a different colour. They are both manufactured with nanofiber technology, which filters 99.66% of airborne particles – while most imported masks only filter ~60%. This has been tested by VICLAB (BSI) 17.7.20 and you can learn more about the tests our AMD P2 masks have undergone here.

The nanofiber technology AMD P2 masks use not only beats fabric alternatives, but N95 respirators as well. This is because N95 respirators use a melt-blown filter, whereas nanofiber filters like those in our black P2 masks have been proven to uphold better filtration efficiency when exposed to moisture or sterilisation processes. Not only that, but nanofiber filters allow for better breathability than the melt-blown filters in N95 respirators.

Australian Made Black P2 Mask

Keep yourself safe for up to 24 hours

If you work in hospitality, film & television, hair & beauty or don a black uniform, our black P2 masks are the perfect solution to staying safe and on brand. We probably don’t need to tell you how quickly a white P2 mask or blue surgical masks get filthy and unpleasant after a couple hours.

Not only does the colour look unobtrusive, our AMD P2 masks offer up to 24 hours of protection and are more comfortable and breathable than surgical or fabric options. This is because they utilise nanofiber technology that has been proven to retain less heat and humidity, and offer less discomfort than other masks – even N95 respirators. 

If you or your workers are spending hours on shift, this added comfort and breathability can make a huge difference to your mood. With our black P2 masks, there’s a lesser chance of having your glasses fog up or finding it hard to breathe. By making it less annoying to keep masked up, our black P2 masks can promote better wearing practices.

Support Aussie businesses

AMD P2 masks are the first P2/FFP2 certified respirator masks manufactured in Australia. By purchasing our AMD black P2 masks, you can rest assured that you are not only securing the best protection for you and your family, but supporting Aussie businesses too.

AMD P2 masks are unique in their production, as the use of nanofiber technology provides numerous benefits over melt-blown filters. With 4 protective layers, our black P2 mask offers a 99.66% Particle Filtration Efficiency and a 99.92% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, all without compromising on comfort. 

AMD has consulted numerous medical professionals and implemented their feedback into designing the best P2 mask available for the Australian market. Fit tests are conducted to ensure that when worn, it guarantees airtight protection and prevents air leakage.