P2 Mask | Earloop

The AMD NANO-TECH Medical Respirator T4 P2 Floating Mask In White

AMD NANO-TECH P2 Particulate Respirator Masks | Earloop (Box of 50)

Looking for black AMD masks? Available here now. Same day dispatch for all


P2 Mask | Earloop

The Only Australian Made P2 Black Mask, AMD NANO-TECH Medical Respirator T4 P2 Floating Mask

AMD NANO-TECH P2 Particulate Respirator Masks | Earloop BLACK (Box of 50)

Looking for white AMD masks? Available here now. Same day dispatch for all



How Long Does My Order Take To Dispatch?

At Australian P2 Mask we know how frustrating it is to order something that you want/need only to find out after you’ve made payment that it’s out of stock. This is why we never let our stock hit back order status. If you can order, it’s in stock.

So with that out of the way – your order will leave our Sydney warehouse generally in 1 -2 business days depending on what time you order. If you order comes in before noon AEST, we’ll typically be able to dispatch the same day. 

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping times will vary depending on a variety of factors. Australian P2 Mask is based in Sydney. We offer free standard shipping on all retail orders above $100, Australia wide. 

Express shipping is also available via Aus Post Express for a flat rate of $15 Australia wide. 

Generally, express shipping can take from 1-3 business days depending on your state and location. Standard shipping can take from 1-8 business days. For the vast majority of our orders we utilise Aus Post via their eParcel service. However, if you live in a location that we know historically is under serviced and there are faster alternatives via Couriers Please, TNT, Allied Express etc. we will engage them for your order.

Once your order leaves our warehouse, they are in the hands of the logistics partner with the most up to date information shared with you via Aus Post/Shippit. Please note, Australian P2 Mask staff will only be privy to the same information that you will have in regards to shipping.

How Can I Track My Order?

You will receive an email or text with tracking information once you’ve made your purchase. Simply follow the links or enter your tracking number and you will be able to see detailed tracking information via Aus Post or Shippit.

How Do I Contact You?

Please head over to our contact page if you need to reach out to us with an inquiry. 

We Love AMD P2 Respirators. Do You Do Wholesale Orders?

We’re glad to hear that you’ve tried and loved AMD P2 Respirators. At Australian P2 Mask, we only choose to stock the best PPE solutions. If you’d like to save over $650 off your order of AMD P2 masks, head over to our wholesale registration tab. You’ll be able to access all volume pricing across AMD T4 earloop products as well as AMD P2 headband products once you register online to become a wholesale customer. 

If you have any issues with registration, please don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us a call and we’ll respond to you promptly. 

I Think I’ve Seen These Masks Before…

You most likely have. AMD P2 respirator masks were the official mask of the Australian Olympic and Paralympic teams in Tokyo 2020, as well as the Commonwealth Games more recently. You’ll be able to see the brands and groups that are currently using our products on the bottom of our homepage. 

What Makes AMD NANO-TECH P2 Respirator Masks Any Different To Other Products?

AMD NANO-TECH P2 Particulate Respirator Masks are proudly made in Australia, for Australians. Featuring 4 protective layers, with NANO-TECH at its core, every AMD P2 mask is designed with the most advanced filtration technology. This is what allows for better all day comfort, breathability and safety with far superior longevity, compared to competitor products.

The densely tangled nano-structure in the filters mean that the physical properties of these filters will maintain their high 99.66% filtration efficiency for up to 24 hours even when they come in contact with moisture. What this means for the user is that you can be assured that you can wear this for longer, with better breathability compared to all melt-blown filters that you’ll find in the vast majority of competitor brands such as 3M, Trident, Halyard, Softmed etc. 

The melt-blown filters that other brands utilise, rely on static electricity to attract particles to the fabric and their effective lifespan will drastically reduce once in contact with moisture.

In practise, on a worksite where there may be silica dust, this means that instead of changing out your respirator 2-3 times during a work day, one AMD P2 respirator will suffice. 

How Do You Guys Take Payment?

We use Stripe as our payment gateway. This means we are able to accept all credit, debit cards. Stripe also accepts Google & Apple Pay. You can rest assured that at Australian P2 Mask we never see your full card details as all that data is all encrypted with the same level of security as any bank or reputable website that you purchase from.

For wholesale orders we understand that this may not be the preferred way that your accounts/finance team will wish to operate. In that case please reach out to us via phone or email and we will figure out alternative payment methods for you.