Not all masks are created equal. Most masks don’t do the job they claim. Ours do. If you want to learn more about AMD P2 masks, you’ve come to the right spot. 

What's the difference between P2 & N95?

It’s a little confusing but we’re here to clear this up. N95 represents the NiOSH (USA testing requirements) while the P2 represents the EC (European testing requirements). AMD P2 Respirators are the first P2 certified respirator masks that are manufactured here in Australia. The nano-filter filters out 99.66% of airborne particles. This has been tested by VICLAB (BSI) 17.7.20 and compares favourably against most imported masks which only filter ~60%. TLDR: different naming convention but you can read more about AMD P2 Respirator masks and how what sort of tests have been done at our learn more page. For a more detailed breakdown on the differences between P2 masks and N95 read our article on the difference between P2 & N95 here.

I'm sold! These P2 respirators sound fantastic! How long before I get them?

At Australian P2 Mask, we endeavour to dispatch orders between 1-2 business days. We use a variety of different logistics partners to ensure you get your masks as soon as possible, our primary platforms are Shippit or Australia Post depending on your order quantity and location. 

Are you guys actually based in Australia?

You bet! At Australian P2 Mask we love the fact that AMD P2 Respirators are manufactured in Sydney, Australia. In fact AMD Med are just up the road from us.

I love your P2 respirators and I need more. Do you do wholesale orders?

We’re so glad that you love them! Our wholesale pricing kicks in at 1 carton (20 boxes of 50) or 1,000 individual masks. Register online to become a Wholesale Customer.

I think I've seen these masks before...

You probably have! AMD P2 Respirator masks were what the Australian Olympic and Paralympic squad was wearing. If you’re a Formula 1 fan, you might’ve spotted Valtteri Bottas wearing the same masks too. You can get your very own ones right here.

Why are nanofiber filters better than melt-blown filters?

AMD P2 Respirators use nanofibers that filter fine dust using its densely tangled nano-structure. What does it mean for you? The physical properties of these masks means that it maintains high filtering efficiency for 24 hours even when it comes in contact with moisture, providing you with longer wear, protection and breathability compared to melt-blown filters. This is in stark contrast to most other masks available on the market that rely on melt-blown filters which use static electricity to attract particles to the fabric. If you’ve ever tried a blue surgical mask or even other P2 masks and have felt that after a period of wear, the fabric starts to retain moisture and breathability is impacted, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. 

how do you guys take payment?

We use Stripe as our payment gateway so credit, debit cards, Google Pay will all work. We never see your full credit card details (and we wouldn’t want that responsibility either) and you can rest assured that it’s all encrypted.

I really like my cloth masks, Are they any good?

If it’s a question of are they going to protect you more than not wearing a mask, then yes. Wear something, anything. However, if you’re looking to keep yourself and your loved ones safe there are a few things to consider: disposable masks are designed to minimise the amount of risk of contamination, once you use them, you dispose of them. According to the WHO, when using a  cloth mask, you’re going to need to wash it in water that’s at least 60°C, in conjunction with soap or detergent and at least once a day. You’re also going to have varying levels of protection. Does it meet national performance standards? Chances are that if it’s got your favourite sports team or fashion brand logo, it’s not going to do you a lot of good. AMD P2 Respirators on the hand, have 99.66% PFE and 99.92% BFE while keeping you safe for up to 24 hours.